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Huangshan Travel Guide

Yellow Mountain, also named Huangshan, lies in the eastern part of China, is famous for its marvelous and beautiful scenery. It is one of the most popular tourist resorts in China.

The landform of Yellow Mountain is a kind of typical granite mountains and forests. It was the result of several movements of lithosphere as well as the work of nature during the long geological age. 77 peaks are more than 1,000 metres above sea level. Granite limestone towers and oddly-shaped rocks spread all over the scenic area.

The legendary pines, oddly-shaped rocks, phantasmagoric sea of clouds, hot springs and winter snows have own Yellow Mountain the world famous reputation of the five unique views. Yellow Mountain has brought together all the strong points other mountains have: grand, strange, baffling, arduous, steep, flourishing, quiet and spacious.

There is another noticeable place near Yellow Mountain-Huizhou Culture (also known as Xin'an culture) which is one of the three regional cultures in China. Huizhou Culture includes Xin'an Philosophy, Xin'an Painting School, Xin'an Medicine School, Huizhou Style Architecture, Anhui pot gardening, Huizhou Sculpture, Huizhou Opera, Huizhou Cuisine and so on. It's a miracle of excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation.

Huangshan Attractions

Hongcun Village

Tangyue Memorial Archways

Tunxi Old Street

Xidi Village

Huangshan Map

Huangshan Day Tours