Chinese Kung Fu

China's traditional arts command a great part of the country's rich heritage. Since ancient time, Chinese society has cherished excellence in its arts. Over centuries, Chinese arts have developed its own unique styles and forms. Singing, sculpture, calligraphy, painting, carving and others are the timeworn forms of expression in Chinese arts.

Chinese Kung Fu

History of Chinese Kungfu

Chinese Kung Fu is a large system of theory and practice. It combines techniques of self-defense and health-keeping.

It is estimated that Chinese Kung Fu can be dated back to primeval society. At that time people use cudgels to fight against wild beasts. Gradually they accumulated experience of self defense.... read more »


"Qi Gong" (literally "breath exercise"),is an invaluable component of traditional Chinese medicine that has its origin in ancient times. Its primary stimulus was the search for longevity with the ultimate aim of immortality, which has so entranced the Chinese mind for centuries. The records shows... read more »

Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Kung Fu are well known at home and abroad. The original purpose of Shaolin shadowboxing is health keeping, treating illness, protecting famous mountains, safeguarding ancient temples, self-defense, and repulsing enemies. It boasts of diversified patterns, plain forms, and rich internal and external work. The... read more »

Taiji Quan

Taiji Quan is a Taoist internal martial art. One account of the history of Taiji Quan credits its development to the Taoist immortal Chang San-feng, who is said to have drawn the inspiration for the art by watching a fight between an snake and an aggressive eagle. Chang San-feng was reportedly a master of Shaolin Ku... read more »