How to Buy Train Tickets in China

Passports are required when buying a train ticket (or ID cards if you’re Chinese) and boarding a train in China. Self-ticketing machines are widely used in Western countries, while they are only available in a few large cities in China.

You can buy train tickets at ticket windows at train stations. You may encounter some problems: long queues waiting in front of every window, language problems, and the risk that tickets are sold out, and so on. China Highlights provides train ticket on-line

booking services to save you hassle and time. You only need make your online booking at the top of this page, and we will do the rest.

How To Choose A Train In China

In China, trains are classified by speed and service. A train number is made up of a letter and a number. The letter indicates the type of train.

G trains (China High-Speed trains) are currently the fastest and most comfortable trains in China, and the price is the highest.

The speed of a G train usually reaches 250 to 400 km/h. For example, the high-speed trains from Beijing to Xi’an have a speed of 250 to 300 km/h and the journey only takes four and a half hours.

D trains (bullet trains) are next fastest and next most expensive after G trains. Cities with G train services also provide D trains. The journey time of a D train may be 30 minutes to 1 hour longer than that of a G train on the same route.

Cities in China are usually served by more than on one train station, especially metropolises like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Beijing is served by 5 well-used train stations (Beijing, Beijing West, Beijing South, Beijing North and Beijing East) and four less used stations.

How To Read A Train Ticket

When you read a ticket, please pay attention to the Chinese character and pinyin after a place name. Directions: north, south, east, and west are printed in pinyin on tickets instead of English, respectively Bei, Nan, Dong, and Xi. For example Beijing South Railway Station will be printed as Beijing Nan () on a ticket (see the second ticket below), Beijing East is showed as Beijing Dong (), Beijing West (Beijing Xi, ), and Beijing North (Beijing Bei, ). Please make sure you are going to the correct train station.

Train Number

  • G (CRH Trains) - High-speed EMU in High-speed lines
  • D (CRH Trains) - High-speed EMU in Conventional railways
  • T - Express Train in Conventional railways
  • Z - Express Overnight sleepers
  • K - Fast Train Fast train (travelling 120-140 km/h)
  • only numbers - Slow train (travelling 100km/h, calling at ALL stops).


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